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Body Oil Helicrysum

Helichrysum is the fragrance of Sardinia, scent of licorice, grass burnt by the sun and sea wind, strong, bold. With this lovely little yellow flower, whose greek name is “Helis Chrysos” and means “Golden Sun”, we prepared this incredible body oil.

Known since antiquity from Mediterranean populations for his medicinal and cosmetic properties. Its active substances as flavonoids (Elicrisin, Quercitrin), triterpenes (alpha aminine and ursolic acid) caffeic acid and sitosterol protect the skin decisively, helping circulation and preventing wrinkles, stretch marks and optimally hydrating adult skin.

These features, synergistically with vegetables oils utilized (Apricot oil, Rice oils and Grapeseed oil) make our oil essential for the maintenance of a young, elastic and clear skin.

60 ml.