Beard Care

Tonic Maistràle 

The Apothecary beard tonic Maistràle (the Mistral is a wind that blows hard on the island, painting the landscape of rocks and vegetation) is dedicated to men with hair follicles’s dermatitis and irritation problems. The principal ingredient is juniper, thanks to its known disinfectant, astringent and vascularizing properties.

To the Mediterranean berry with its distinctive intense and resinous scent we added a vegetable oils mixture intended to vehicle its extract.

The essential fatty acids, their vitamins A and E and the tocopherols, combined in the right proportions, determine a strong antioxidant, anti inflammatory and protective action of the skin and hair cells membrane.

The marriage of juniper and these elements also stimulates the regulation of the hair follicle’s functions and it has an emollient and hydrating action, contributing to donate sheen and a healthy look to the beard.

50 ml.