Helichrysum and linen: these are the main ingredients we chose to realize the Apothecary soap for beard care and hydration. The quality of said ingredients ensures the cleaning effect of a soap, but at the same time take the nourishing and softening action of a balm, giving the beard an intense shine and healthy appearance. The extract of small yellow helichrysum’s flowers and the flaxseed oil, together with the other components, including sensitive vegetable surfactants, glycerin, inulin and panthenol, cleanse and nourish hair and skin, respecting its natural physiology.

We also selected and blended some essential oils, such as myrtle, tea tree and pine oil, to give the shaving soap a strong and pleasantly balmy fragrance. An aroma that will evoke memories of walks in the woods after the rain. You will recapture the same fragrances bouquet and the same attention to the quality of ingredients in our Apothecary shave tonic, ideal complement to the beard and face care. 

D I S C O V E R   O T H E R   P R O D U C T S