We chose juniper, with its well-known disinfectant, astringent and vascularizing properties, as the main ingredient to create the Apothecary shaving tonic, devoted to hydrate and protect the beard and the face skin. Around the unmistakable intense and resinous aroma of the Mediterranean berry we designed a blend of vegetable oils in order to spread its extract. Essential fatty acids, vitamins A and E and tocopherols, combined in the right proportion, determine a strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective effect on the skin and hair membranes. 

The combination of these ingredients with juniper also stimulates the regularization of the hair bulb functions and plays a strong emollient and moisturizing action, helping to give the beard an intense shine and a healthy appearance. Finally, precious essential oils contribute with a sharp fragrance, marked out by resins and aromatic woods notes, with fresh, tart accents. You will recapture the same scents and the same attention to the quality of ingredients in our Apothecary beard soap, ideal complement to the beard and face care. 

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